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Professional design of your logo

For an representative and successful appearance a concise and individual logo is important.
For your company, product, association, or private logo we create your logo as a free scalable vector graphic for the web, printing, plotting, stamping machines, coining/shaping etc.

Logo von Sonnenwege in Málaga, www.sonnenwege.es logo-tipo de Vivesano Yoga Center en Torre del Mar, www.vivesano.eu logo of Alumo Therapies in Málaga logo of Comunica language school in Torre del Mar, www.academiacomunica.net logo vector graphic of svg dharma wheel, www.kumnyeyoga.eu Logo of the Galeria del Sur en Málaga, www.galeriadelsur.net Logo-tipo del Mundo libre en velez-Malaga logo-tipo de Freude am Leben en Torre del Mar, www.freudeamleben.eu



vectorgrafik und restergrafik

vector graphic      pixel graphic

Vector diagram Since vector graphics are loss-free scalable can pictures of any size are produced, i.e. as small logo on the visiting card as also as large picture on a poster wall.



Da Vektorgraphiken verlustfrei skalierbar sind können Bilder jeglicher Grösse produziert werden, d.h. als kleines Logo auf der Visitenkarte wie auch als grosses Bild auf einer Plakatwand.



Vektorgrafiken lassen sich
ohne Qualitätsverlust beliebig skalieren.

Vector diagrams leave themselves scale without quality loss at will.

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