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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your web pages can be coded by us optimized for search engine positioning (SEO), thus your product, your service will be taken up by search engines and as a result will stand higher up.

We also optimize your existing Internet web pages.


While we are working on programming, we also pay attention to receive an official qualification (W3C code validation):

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Of course we test your pages into operation with the most used browsers, since their presentation can be differently despite the given web standards:

Internet Explorer logo Microsoft Internet Explorer browser    Mozilla Firefox logo Mozilla Firefox browser    Opera logo Opera browser    Safari logo Apple Safari browser    Google Chrome logo Google Chrome browser

Additional your homepage will be checked against different display resolutions to a sure, that your web site will be optimal presented in most commonly used browser and displays.

Barrier-free web design

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For a barrier-free Web Design the easy accessibility of the information of a web site for all is of particularly importance. Specially people with physical restrictions will consider.

Apart from the use of certain techniques with programming, the focus is on high-contrast colour combinations (text / background), as well as a simpler structuring of the site, good operability (navigation), etc.


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